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I’m not sure how popular the NBA is among the creative industry, but I know I am not the only one who is a freak about watching the games. I especially love this time of year because of the NBA trade deadline. Around this week is when you see all kinds of crazy moves. This year featured most of the headline moves coming from the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is interesting on multiple fronts. Not only did they give up some pretty big names to acquire some big names and shift the dynamic of a few teams in the league, but they also submitted to the understanding that the massive changes they made the summer before just didn’t work. Whether you follow the NBA or not, there are some clear and valuable life lessons you can take away during this period. The chief of these lessons would probably be CHEMISTRY.

You see at the beginning of the season Cleveland was somewhat excited about the new additions they received in trading one of their star players. They added several incredibly talented individuals and were hopeful that it would give them the fire power they needed to make another championship run. Fast forward to their mediocre first half of the season, and they realize that they have no chemistry. They are losing to teams that they should be blowing out, they are arguing in the locker-rooms, and the dissention eventually bleeds into the public. This concept transfers to the creative industry seamlessly due to the freedom that’s required to really deliver quality content.

Regardless of the art form, each person brings their own unique approach and boundaries that make them significant in their field. Now, you all know that I believe whole-heartedly that for the creative industry to truly thrive, we must support one another and collaborate on every level possible. How you go about that collaboration makes all the difference. No matter how talented someone is, you must make sure their creative approach works harmoniously with that of the other individuals in your group. A healthy amount of friction is necessary in any partnership to make sure that you are pushing one another to become the best that you can be, but there is a distinct difference in healthy friction and incongruity. If there is no chemistry, either party will spend more time trying to change what they don’t like about the other person instead of valuing their contribution. So whether it’s a song, a short film, or any other collaborative work of art, feel free to take a little extra time finding the right partner to attack it with.

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